Conference leaders and speakers

Dr. Rye Bell

DSC_0766Rye Bell has been working in the field of Biblical Guidance for more than 37 years serving on the staff of both small and large congregations.  He has taught advanced counseling courses at the college level and has successfully managed the program and fiscal operations of several private ministry organizations, and departments of major health care corporations.

Working closely with church congregations his specialty is Biblically based support for church congregations and their staff.  This support is offered through one-on-one contacts with individuals and families, training interested believers to become mentors within the congregation, setting up the design and operations of “one-another-type” ministries to lead in the Biblical idea of shepherding the flock of believers.  Other ways Dr. Bell works within the Christian community is through:  Church Leadership training, seminars and spiritual retreats.

As an ordained Pastor, Rye received his Doctor of Philosophy from Oxford / ACRSS – UK (Religion and Society); Masters of Science (Social Work) from the University of Tennessee; and a Bachelor of Science (Education) from the University of Tennessee.  He is also a member of the Oxford Society of Scholars and was a Charter member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Rye lives in Jaco, Costa Rica with his wife Becky and two of his five children.  The two oldest children are married with growing families of their own.  His middle child is living and working in the central FL area.  Rye counsels daily with individuals and families.  He also travels conducting Biblically based conferences and workshops on a variety of topics.  He has spoken throughout the United States and many foreign countries.  Through God’s grace and His mercy Rye is a gifted counselor and conference speaker.

Becky Bell, MS

DSC_0389Becky Bell is first and foremost a bond-servant of Christ, living gratefully as a daughter of the King by His grace.  The Lord called her out of darkness in the fall of 1998 through the preaching ministry of Moody radio on her lengthy daily commute.  Since that day she has experienced the ups and downs of growing pains in her walk with the Lord.  She and her husband Rye, love to challenge each other and dream together of how to express their love for Christ through service.  They live in Jaco, Costa Rica and have two children still in the home.  Rye has two older children that are both married with growing families of their own.  So, Becky is also a very proud Nana.  Their middle child is living and working in the central FL area.  She loves the opportunity to homeschool their two youngest children.

Becky has a deep passion for working with and ministering to women.  She frequently meets with women one-on-one encouraging them in their individual walk with Christ.  She also, comes alongside her husband helping in the ministry of Solid Ground, supporting the community ministry of BSG and the various mission outreaches.

 A few years ago God spoke directly to Becky asking a very clear question:  “Whose are you?”  She immediately knew that the question was related to seeing God as her first love.  He was moving passionately towards her to help her see more clearly that it was He that had the ultimate role of husband in her life.  This work of God has resulted in the powerful woman’s conference entitled:  Whose Are You, Except God’s?  Becky has spoken to church groups from various Christian denominations.

Becky Bell has worked as a speech-language pathologist since 1996.  For nearly 14 years she worked with Central Florida Pediatric Associates treating children with special needs.  Many of her patients were dealing with birth defects, while others needed these services due to traumatic brain injury (TBI) or autism spectrum disorder.  Still others just need corrective therapy to help them function better in life.  Both she and her husband are now serving as missionaries to the country of Costa Rica.

 Becky received her Masters of Science in Speech and Language Pathology from the University of South Florida and her Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders from the University of Central Florida.