copy-sgbusiness_edited-1.jpgThe section Book Resource Center is designed to be just that…  1) A collection of quality books that are important resources for you to go to when interested in dealing with a variety of subjects concerning your faith; and 2) a place to review some valuable Bible study materials from SOLID GROUND.

PURSUING GOD Bible Study Series has several well written studies that are either topical in nature or a verse-by-verse study of a particular book of the Bible.  These can be ordered by selecting “other” on our CONTACT PAGE and making your specific requests.  Examples of some of our studies are:

  • From Death to Life:  Becoming a Disciple of Jesus
  • Hosea and Amos:  The Minor Prophets (vol. 1)
  • Dance With The Trinity (Bible Study Guide)
  • Jonah
  • THE BEATITUDES:  Changes In Attitudes
  • BIBLICAL LEADERSHIP:  The Heart and Action of the “Man of God”
  • The Gospel of John (The Beloved Disciple)
  • THE CHURCH:  It’s More Than Brick and Mortar
  • The Bible Is The Word of God

Solid Ground desires to be an equipping ministry helping all that are interested in deepening their knowledge as they faithfully walk with God grow towards achieving that goal.  This section doesn’t purport to be an exhaustive listing of books on the various subjects covered.  But, this section will provide an excellent foundation for the serious student of God.

DANCE WITH THE TRINITY:  Pursuing God in Spirit and Truth

Knowing God is simple yet profound. Refusing to sidestep difficult issues, the author guides through scriptural direction and insightful narrative to find that place of intimacy he calls “The Dance”.  A motivator and a study guide, this book on relationships with God and fellow human beings will open the reader’s mind to the reality of  dancing intimately with the Trinity.

Resources are provided on the following subjects:

  • Books to – Help explain your faith
  • Books on the – Existence of God
  • Books on the – Problem of suffering
  • Books on the – Possibility of miracles
  • Books on the – Reliability of the Bible
  • Books on the – Identity of Jesus
  • Books on the – Historicity of the Resurrection
  • Books on the – Holy Spirit
  • Books – To give to your skeptical friends
  • Book on – How to defend your faith with the right attitude