Dance With The Trinity

Pursuing God in Spirit and in Truth

      Starting with the faith position that there is a God who created all that exists, Dr. Rye Bell helps us navigate through the testy questions that logically follow.   If there is an area that should be emphasized within Christendom today, it deals with the answers to these two questions:  “How do I come to know God intimately; and, Why should I seek this intimacy?”  Dr. Bell in his unique way has focused on this remarkable offer of intimacy.  He calls it “Dance with the Trinity”.  While tackling difficult theological issues the author takes these topics and brings a refreshing simplicity to their concepts.  This book brings the idea of knowing God intimately to the reader with a style that is easy to understand without compromising the truth of the Scriptures.  Refusing to sidestep difficult issues, he guides us through scriptural direction and insightful narrative to go further to find our place of intimacy with God.

As you read this book you will discover that at the heart of this study is relationships.  Relationship as it exists in Man with Man and man with God.  Hopefully, you will begin to see a bit clearer how at our core we need God and we need one another in relationships.  This book will lead its reader to a deeper understanding of how desperately God desires us and longs to invite us to “The Dance”.   This book/study looks at both the nature of Man and the nature of a Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

The author offers this book as a motivator, a study guide that will drive the reader towards the Scriptures.  Hopefully, as one moves through the particular suggested Scripture passages at the end of each chapter their faith will begin to collide with the Majesty of God and His sovereignty.  Facing the Majesty of God and His sovereignty opens the path to developing a deeper, more intimate relationship with our Creator.  By its content and design this book will serve to motivate and at the same time equip individuals to an even deeper study that will last a lifetime. A must read for anyone that desires to Dance with the Trinity!



Our ability to Dance with the Trinity is the easiest and at the very same time the most difficult thing we shall choose.  The Dance lasts a lifetime.  It is easy to know God and Dance because the love He extends and the revelation He offers is a free gift for the taking.  God reveals His character and attributes to us out of the ferocious love He has for you and I.  It is difficult for us to know God and Dance because we necessarily have to become a bond-servant.  We must die to self in order to be a Christ-follower.  The obstinate nature of our sinful self (fallen man) does not willingly go along in humble obedience.  Dr. Rye Bell