We are very much a “truth-driven” fellowship.  We are students of the Bible, but not just students in an academic sense.  We study the Bible so we can live out its teachings in our thoughts, words and actions.

We are committed to authenticity and community.  We strive for genuineness, not a show or performance.  We think true spirituality grows best in a place where people are being real with one another.

We want our worship to be God centered.  Much that looks like worship is centered on man, not God.  We are not flashy or showy – we work at “getting out of the picture” so that people can respond to God.

We take prayer very seriously and depend on it – it is the thread woven throughout the tapestry of ministry.  We are not interested in a church that only reflects the best that men can do; we pray to become a fellowship that can only be explained by the hand of God.

We intentionally make connections with the people of our community.  We want people, whether they ever attend our fellowship or not, to view BSG’s, through the ministry of SOLID GROUND as an asset to the community.