Walk With God Weekend

A weekend conference dedicated to realizing God’s Holy presence in your life and your obedient response

…If you are beset by an especially obstinate sin, you may be on the verge (even this weekend) of seeing God’s grace displayed in your life.  Although you may now be preoccupied with your struggle, you may soon become preoccupied with your God.

Purifying Your Marriage

A one-day conference dedicated to enriching your marriage

…What would have to happen for you to come to the point in your individual life and within the corporate life of your marriage to truly believe that protecting your marriage relationship is right.  It is right purely because of God’s goodness.  Putting your marriage under God’s Holy authority and learning how to:  Remain loyal; Communicate well; Fight fair; Pray together, forgive from the heart and become one in the Spirit is the focus of the valuable weekend experience.

Whose are you, except God’s ?

A Friday evening, Saturday morning conference for women seeking to deepen their walk with Christ

…This Friday night, Saturday morning seminar will drive you deeper into your relationship with Christ, Christ your Husband.  The weekend will provide times for fun, prayer, discussion and quiet reflection before His throne.  The focus will be exploring the Scriptural ideas about God’s definition of love, our rebellion and brokenness, and how we are created to live and participate with Him.  You will have an opportunity to worship in prayer, song and fellowship as we dig deeply into the word and hear personal testimonies.  Most importantly you will hear from your Husband as He draws you to Himself.

People of Encouragement

A one day seminar on becoming shepherds of God’s flock

…This seminar is designed mainly for Church Leadership (both professional and lay positions).  The focus of this time together will be learning how to provide Biblical care and discipleship for members of your congregation at various levels i.e. front line listeners providing care for one’s soul; Biblical Guidance from the authority of the Scriptures; Recognizing when to refer to the Spiritually solid, trained professional.

Dance With The Trinity

A half day seminar on developing relationship with God and Man

…This conference is designed to teach what the Scriptures have to say about relationship with Man and with God.  The main focus is on how we have been created in the image of God for His good pleasure and as a result are to be in holy relationship with the body and with Him.  Learning about the One Another Principle and Biblical Forgiveness are key points that will help to live your life abundantly!

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