An ongoing training of weekly meetings for couples desiring to be used by God to help others experience a Godly and successful marriage

Rye and Becky BellThe idea of being an apprentice to a Master worker held tremendous value in times past.  While we, as a culture, have tended to move from such an idea, the Scriptures are clear concerning this method of teaching.  We are instructed as Christ’s body to make one-on-one training commonplace among us because it is both practical and necessary.

Marriage Mentoring is simply this:  A well-trained couple that is relatively happy, more experienced and is purposefully investing in another couple to effectively navigate a journey that they have already taken.  Marriage Mentors are people that have decided that they desire to be used by God in this area of their lives to allow other couples to “apprentice” with them in the midst of relationship building.

This training will focus on developing leaders in three main areas:

  1. Working with couples considering marriage or newly weds
  2. Working with couples desiring to enhance and improve their marital relationship
  3. Working with marriages that are in crisis