“…building one’s life on SOLID GROUND”  (Matt. 7:24) 



The Mission Outreach and Opportunities of SOLID GROUND are local, national and even international in their scope.

The idea of practical ministry, serving others and equipping Christ-followers is realized at all levels of this ministry.  Contact us and we will show you how YOU can get involved.


S  E  R  V  I  N  G     G  O  D     I  N     C  O  S  T  A     R  I  C  A   and

A R O U N D    T H E   W O R L D



  • SOLID GROUND, has for many years held weekly Bible Studies in different locations throughout the Central Florida area.  The main focus of these Bible studies is to function as an equipping ministry.  We pray to be effective at equipping the saints to live lives worthy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  SOLID GROUND’s ministry focus is driven by love and a servant’s spirit.
  • Weekly Bible study material called, Pursuing God Bible Study Series, is offered  for free (they are sent via email in a PDF format).  The various studies can be obtained through the contact page on this web site.  These studies are  an excellent tool for any one interested in developing and leading a small group ministry.   Each Pursuing God Bible Study Series has a central topic or specific book of the Bible as its study focus.  Each series study comes complete with “leader” guide notes and commentary appropriate for both the new believer and the mature in Christ.  As a part of the Body of Christ, SOLID GROUND is here to serve in any way that glorifies His name.

On the NATIONAL level

  • SOLID GROUND offers its knowledge and long-term experience to anyone interested in starting a Bible Study Group (BSG) in your area.  We consider it a true privilege to help others focus on “DIGGING DEEPER” into God’s Word.  Using SOLID GROUND to help you get started developing a BSG in your area in no way connects you with the SOLID GROUND ministry in any recognized or official capacity.  It is purely the focus of SOLID GROUND to help YOU begin a home study group that is dedicated to teaching the Word of God, making disciples and keeping Jesus at the center of all you do.


  • SOLID GROUND is involved with several international ministry programs.  Our philosophy of foreign mission work begins with coming alongside missionaries or missionary groups that are already on the ground and a part of the culture where they are ministering.  We see no need to reinvent the wheel or waste valuable resources in re-creating what is already being done.  Our goal is, and has always been, to develop long-lasting relationships with existing ministries and follow their lead in meeting the needs that they have to conduct effective ministry in their area(s) of influence.

For more information on how to join or start a BSG or perhaps find out more about our international outreach please use the contact form on our web-page.